Safety Tips for Cleaning Gutters in the Fall

Most people opt to clean their gutters out right around the season of autumn, when the leaves have really begun to fall, and of course this is why we call the season fall. Of all the things around the outside of your home you don’t want to forget cleaning, gutters are super important.  Why, you may ask? The gutters are there for a reason, to catch water and allow it to drain off the side of your house somewhere. If leaves build up and cause clogs, the consequences could be damage to your roof. You could develop leaks. If you’ve ever had to pay for a leak in your roof, you know it’s best to perform regular maintenance to avoid this. However, you must consider safety. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do to ensure safety.

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Do Not Work Alone

It cannot be stressed enough the importance, when working with ladders, of having a spotter. That is, someone who can stand at the bottom of the ladder and make sure all is secure. Not only is this recommended for safety, but it will definitely help speed up the job. You may need tools handed to you. Rather than climb down and then back up again, it’s always nice to have a helper with you.

Use Protection for Your Eyes

Once you get in there and begin spraying your hose at the leaves and debris that has built up, you will no doubt want to have eye goggles or work glasses on. You do not want anything flying up and getting into your eye. You might look at a variety of safety equipment, such as that you can find on HarnessLand . Remember to keep your eyes clear. People do not realize just how dangerous cleaning your gutters can be to your eyes, and many of them take it for granted and forego goggles. It is not a good idea.

Protect Your Hands with Gloves

Most of the gutter cleaning you will be doing will require the use of your hands for pulling out leaves and debris. Remember, there is not only going to be leaves up there. You may also encounter sticks. You’ll want to avoid cutting your fingertips or scratching yourself, or even getting splinters. You will want a good pair of waterproof, sturdy gloves so your hands stay dry, and nothing can pierce the material.

Cleaning your gutters does not require a professional, although you can opt for one if you do not have time. However, if you plan to do this yourself, following some of the aforementioned tips can make the experience easier and safer. You may consider putting in gutter guards so that the next time the job will not be quite as difficult. These will make maintenance a lot faster, and offer you a bit more protection throughout the year. While fall is one time to clean the gutters, you may find you need to do them during other times of the year. The basic rule of thumb is to clean them when you can see they are developing build up.