Old Factory Man Candle Review – Luxury Scented Candles for Everyone


Old factory man candle is a naturally scented candle handmade in the USA. It is available in many different flavors such as mahogany, leather, pumpkin spice, lilac and lemongrass. You can buy it in one quantity or a set of 3 candles. There are 12 options of 3 sets Old Factory candles for you to choose from.

It is a small candle and weigh just 2 oz but it is able to give away a powerful scent that can quickly fill the entire room in a few minutes.In the set of 3 candles, you will find candles with scents that complement each other. The scent will mix together and give you an unforgettable experience.

In this Old Factory man candle review, Old Factory man candleis made from organic soy wax and features self-trimming cotton wicks. It is a soot free candle so there won’t be black soot leaving on the rim of the mason jar that holds the candle.

The candle is lead free so you don’t have to worry that it will release poisonous fume.

Premium fragrance oil is used in making the old factory candles. Old Factory man candles burn cleanly so you won’t see any smoke from the burning candles. Because it does not release smoke, it will not cause headaches. The candle has a vintage Old Factory label that adds an antique and stylish look.

The scent from Old Factory man candles are natural unlike other artificial scented candles.  This is the candle for you if you are someone who cannot tolerate scents from artificially scented candles. It really smell as the flavor of the candle. For example if the flavor is lilac, it really smells as if there is a bunch of lilac flowers in the room. The scent immediately release into the atmosphere in the room when you light up the candle.

Each candle can lasts for at least 25 hours if you follow the usage instructions. The subtle scent released from one candle will permeate your nose. The scent gets even nicer and stronger when all 3 candles that comes in the set are burnt together. You can burn as many candles as you want depending on the room size.

For a small room, you only have to burn a single Old Factory candle to fill the room with the fragrance. If it is a large room, you should burn at least 2 candles in order for the smell to fill the entire room. You can put the Old Factory man candles in any place that you want to have a nice smell for example bathroom, and office. You will find people complimenting the aroma of the candle when they enter into the room.

Old Factory man candles makes a great gift for your friends and family members during special occasions for example Christmas, birthday, and anniversary. It makes a perfect gift for both men and women. They will be surprised at how nice the scents are coming from the candle.

The candles not only smell nice but is also aesthetically pleasing and can last for a long time before it completely burn down. There is an instruction manual in the package that teaches you how to use the candle. To allow the candle to last for a long time, you should not burn it for more than 2 hours at a time.