How To Decorate A Rental Home

Renting out properties can be a great way to make an income from your assets. As you might expect, however, to get the best quality tenants, your properties need to be appealing and nicely decorated. This is different from decorating a property you would live in yourself, as you will need to account for the tastes of the people who will be living there and the kind of items they already own that will need to coordinate with the interior design inside the home. You will also want to decorate in the most cost-effective way possible so that you can have as much profit as possible from your tenancies.

Here are some tips for decorating a property you intend to rent out. You can read more about property investment in this article about Invitation Homes.

Neutral Colors

When choosing a color scheme both for walls and permanent fittings like the bathroom suite, it is best to go with a neutral theme. While this may not be the most eye-catching thing when people are looking around your property, it is far more flexible and can accommodate whatever kind of stuff the future tenant already owns. You also don’t risk putting off potential tenants just because they don’t like the design aesthetic of the property.

Replaceable Items

If you are renting the property partially furnished or furnished, it is important to consider that you are likely to need to change the furnishings when one tenant moves out before another moves in. This is just because of normal wear and tear, but also because people tend to want everything to look fresh and new when they move in somewhere. It can be good to choose easily replaceable items from places like IKEA rather than bulky or expensive furnishings that will be more difficult to move or replace.

Energy Efficient Lighting and Heating

Another thing to consider when preparing a property for rental is installing methods of heating and lighting that are efficient. This will cut down energy costs for potential tenants and add another selling point to your property. Using things like LED lights and underfloor heating, which are energy efficient, will also mean less maintenance for you. LED lights can last for decades, so they are already a great choice if you want to avoid having to return to the property too often for maintenance, and also if you want to use things like spotlights in the ceiling, which can be difficult and fiddly for a tenant to replace themselves. These kinds of lights can be installed very easily, using existing light fittings, and the cost of LED bulbs has come down substantially in the last few years, so they really cost little more than using less efficient lighting methods.

Getting a property ready to rent out doesn’t need to be a major undertaking, you simply need to find a simple and neutral color scheme that will go with anything and furnish it with things that are functional but not impractical to replace.