How Easy Is It To Build A Garden Pond?

Building a garden pond might seem like a daunting task, but in reality, it is actually quite simple. But before you dive right in, there are a few things you need to know. There are many different types of garden ponds to choose from. They all vary in difficulty and of course, no two ponds are the same. First of all, you need to consider what you would like your garden pond to look like. Koi ponds or goldfish ponds are quite appealing because they add a unique touch to your backyard, but require much more attention than a typical waterfall style pond.

You can make your pond easier to maintain by following this advice. When you are digging your pond, make sure that you leave enough room around the edges so that you can easily maneuver around it. This is helpful for when you need to tend to and clean the water. If possible, dig your pond far away from trees. The added leaves and pine needles will be a hassle to clean and will also discolor your water. Any growing tree roots may also puncture the liner and cause your pond to drain. When choosing a liner, make sure you get one that is big enough for the total area of your pond. Since pond liners vary in quality, you should purchase from a reputable seller. It is recommended that you leave an extra twelve inches of liner surrounding your pond to prevent weeds and plant growth getting too close. If plants are allowed to grow nearby, they will eventually try to start growing in the water and can quickly overwhelm the whole ecosystem.

One of the biggest challenges of an outdoor pond can be the winter climate. If you live somewhere where temperatures drop significantly then you will need to be prepared for a little extra work during the autumn months. If you have placed your own underwater potted plants in your garden pond. You will need to remove them and bring them indoors for the winter if you do not want to lose them. If you have a koi pond or a goldfish pond then you will also need to provide a warm habitat for them when it starts to get cold. If you have a waterfall pond with a pump, you will need to ensure nothing freezes over during the winter and cracks your system. Make sure that you design your pond with a deeper spot as this will make it easier to drain your garden pond. When it starts to get shallow all of the water will collect in this one spot, making it much easier to drain for cleaning and winter preparations.

Creating a pond in your backyard is much easier than you would think. As long as you have all of the proper supplies and follow all of these instructions, you will soon have a flourishing ecosystem living in your backyard. Once the initial setup is complete, the pond pretty much runs itself and you will only have to maintain it once every few weeks. For very little effort, your backyard could be the best in the neighborhood.