Are these the ‘coolest’ garages ever?

When you think of your garage you may just look at it as a place where you store your car every evening, somewhere to dump boxes, or just an additional space within your home. For some people however their garage is way more than that.

Some homeowners across the world have not only turned their garage into something special for them, but made their home the secondary feature on their plot of land. Simple 12ftx8ft concrete garages have been ditched for spaces which can hold 20 cars, on multiple levels and have libraries, bars and even museums showing off the contents of what is inside.

This article looks at some of the most elaborate garages in the world right now and although some may appear to be ‘small’ in comparison to large garages, what they can do is unbelievable.

The house garage in America

The garage in America that looks just like a house. It has one garage door that is a usual sized roller shutter and from the outside looks just like any other home in the neighbourhood. It has even kept the period style features of the home and the small front door. From the road it is a house!

It is a very different story inside however as in every bedroom are cars from a range of different periods, classic cars, supercars and even some exclusive sports cars. Amazingly, access I still achieved through one single door and if you never knew there were cars in there, you would assume the family just like lots of light in their house.

Cars in every room garage

What do you do when your garage isn’t big enough? Simple, park the cars in the house. This stunning home in USA has done just that. When the owner outgrew his normal concrete garage, he just decided to change the use of his home and park cars in the home study, the living room, the reception areas and even the hallway. Classic cars sit around the house on the bottom levels and can all be driven out of the six garage doors which are still used on a daily basis. A pretty awesome concrete garage!

The house built as a garage

A homeowner who lives in the UK could not get planning permission for a two bedroom home, but could get permission for a garage, so she built a garage, or so it would appear from the outside, but inside is a 2 bedroom home with en-suite bathrooms and a modern kitchen. It is all hidden behind a timber sectional garage door.  Unfortunately for the homeowner this did not meet planning approval either so she has had to knock it down. At the time however it was a pretty cool garage.

These are just some of the ways in which a garage is being used differently, with more vision and often as part of the whole home. Concrete garage manufacturers across the whole world have been helping people create these dreams, so if you have a vision speak to them because your garage could go from box to put the car inside, to something really worth talking about.