2018: Spring Cleaning Your Home

It’s 2018. A brand new year. A chance to start afresh, breathe in the new and make resolutions. While you’re feeling enthused about a year that’s new, now is the perfect time to look around your living space and start doing some spring cleaning.


Are there any gifts you received over the holidays or for your birthdays over the years that you don’t like for whatever reason? Maybe they’re clothes that didn’t fit or perfume you didn’t like the smell of. Unless they hold sentimental value for you, let them go. Sell them. They’re taking up space.


If you have jewelry, or lots of them, go through them all. Which ones still speak to you and which ones no longer do? Let go of the ones that don’t. It will also make you appreciate the ones you’ve decided to keep all the more.


Go through your book collection. Get rid of the ones you’re truly never going to read. Consider gifting some of the ones you’ve read to someone else.

Books are beautiful – the feel of them, the smell of them, being able to physically hold one, the turning over of a page. However, give some thought to whether there are some of your books you’d be willing to part with and instead, access their digital versions using an electronic reader like a Kindle or a Fire tablet. (p.s.: Moving forward, consider buying digital versions of some books you want rather than a physical copy.)


Do you still have piles of old magazines, CDs, DVDs? Let them all go. If there are any that are of particular value, sell them and give the rest to charity.


Most people have an appliance stored away that they have never used or hardly use. A coffee machine or smoothie maker, for instance. Any damaged ones you’ve been telling yourself you’ll fix one day, or spare laptops or computers you rarely ever use can all be gotten rid of.


This is the last thing listed, but is probably the first thing you should go through. However, you can build up to it by doing one of the things already listed. Unless you’re a minimalist, there are probably clothes and shoes of yours you can go through and say your goodbyes to. Challenge yourself to get rid of at least a quarter of it. For every three items you choose to keep, let go of one item.

Spring cleaning can be freeing. You’re clearing energy. It can make your living space feel lighter and make you feel lighter too. Imagine how it’ll feel once you’ve finished spring cleaning your home, knowing that most of what you’ve chosen to keep is what you actually want.

The New Year can also be a good time to start planning for any work you may want done on your home. If you live in an old building and plan on hiring someone to do the work for you, ensure they have the appropriate lead certification first.